Our Mission

BACA is founded on the belief that it is important for children, youth, and families have affordable access to mental health services.  Studies show that most mental health disorders originate in childhood but remain undiagnosed until much later in life. Most people struggle through years of suffering before they seek out services because of issues related to access and availability. Problematically, this delays recovery and worsens symptoms.  Mental health problems, if not treated early, can complicate educational and occupational goals and prevent successful and productive integration into society. Even with recent gains in mental health public policy, there is a lack of education about what mental illness is and how to treat it.  BACA’s main goal is to provide patients with greater access to outstanding scientific, empathic mental health services, regardless of socio-demographic status.  It is unethical to deny children treatment of the devastating effects of mental illness due to their family’s income or economic status.  Addressing issues of access to mental health care is timely because of the great advances in our understanding of the brain and clinical interventions that are available today. Despite these enormous scientific gains, a gap still exists in practically applying this knowledge at a level that directly affects our communities.  The fact that there is an urgent need combined with the excellent clinical resources means that now is the time, both ethically and scientifically, to bridge this gap in mental health care. Children with mental illness are among the least fortunate members of our society. If we turn a blind eye to the needs of children with mental illness, we prove to be a negligent society. Our investment in their health and productivity is an investment in the future of the world we all live in.  

One in four children and one in three adults will experience mental illness in their lifetime. Mental illness affects everyone. Treatment for mental illness has been marginalized, stigmatized, and sub-standard for decades. The time to fix this broken system is now. Our multi-disciplinary treatment team includes well-trained psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and marriage and family therapists who bring their specialized training into an integrated system of care. Our physicians like being in an environment where they get to deliver psychotherapy services and not just write prescriptions all day. Our therapists enjoy being in a collaborative, integrated setting. BACA takes pride in training future mental health professionals and functions as an academic setting where research is encouraged. Most of all, BACA is meant to be a fun, friendly, caring clinic where everyone is on a first name basis.