I am excited to be a member of BACA’s clinical team.  I grew up in the Midwest in a suburb of Chicago called Skokie with my two sisters.  My mother is Korean and my father is Italian and I feel lucky to have grown up in a diverse community that gave me room to explore my multi-cultural identity.  As a youth, I enjoyed playing basketball and running track.  I moved to Baltimore, Maryland to attend college at Johns Hopkins University where I completed my bachelor’s degree with a major in Psychology and then returned to Illinois to attend The University of Chicago’s School of Social Service Administration where I earned my master’s degree with a concentration in Family Support. After graduate school, I worked in Chicago for several years in the field of domestic violence at a hospital and in shelters.  It was at that time that my passion for working with youth became apparent.  I went on to complete a post-master’s fellowship through the University of New Mexico’s Children’s Psychiatric Center to hone my skills and gain more knowledge and experience. During my fellowship year, I learned new therapeutic skills, received excellent supervision, attended seminars, and provided individual, group, couples, and family therapy in the center’s inpatient and outpatient clinics.  I also volunteered at the Children’s Grief Center of Albuquerque where I co-facilitated grief support groups for children suffering the loss of a family member.  After completing the fellowship, I moved to California where I worked for four years at an alternative public high school in Oakland where I was the primary therapist.  From there, I went on to work for over three years as a consultant for the Department of Defense where I provided emotional support, case management, staff training, and psycho-educational groups to children and families on military bases in Germany, Italy, Korea, and Japan.  Before joining the team at BACA, I worked briefly at Kaiser Permanente’s Child and Adolescent Clinic in Santa Clara where I was a therapist in their intensive outpatient program.

I take an eclectic approach to my work with children and families that draws on narrative therapy, motivational interviewing, family systems, and mindfulness techniques.  I strive to meet people where they are at and to create a healing environment in which feelings can be expressed and explored.  I work in collaboration with youth, parents, and families as a whole in order to identify and build on strengths and explore new ways of thinking and interacting for the betterment of the entire family system. I am creative in my approach to each child and family’s unique situation and believe that we all have the power to create positive change in our lives.

In my free time I enjoy swimming, hiking, poetry, yoga, improvisational theater, playing basketball, and kayaking.