BACA has absorbed Technology Therapists, and now social skills group treatment with Minecraft is restarting! See our research on our unique social skills training that has had positive results and high client satisfaction here!

The groups are unique in offering both a child experience as well as a parent-session with each group. The first step to joining a group is completing an appointment request form and choosing the Minecraft Social Skills as the appointment type.

First there will be a compatibility group to decide which group is best for your child. After completing the compatability session, you will be notified when an appropriate group is starting.

Both the child and one of the parents (though both parents are encouraged to attend) will need to register as patients. Each week there will be a 60 minute session with the kids and a 30 minute session with the parents, to reinforce what is taught to the children via practice at home. 
Parents - be prepared to do your homework!

Due to the nature of these groups, there is a different no-show policy than out standard clinic no-show policy (since we cannot substitute in another patient if you or your child misses a session). Therefore, there will be a no-show fee of $50 assessed for any parent or child group that is missed during the 10-week treatment. For example, if the parent and the child both miss a scheduled group day, there will be $100 no-show fee. If the child is in the group, but the parent does not show up for the parent part, there will be a $50 no-show fee. 

There will be $100 non-refundable deposit taken prior to starting the group. You will be refunded the $100 after the 10-week group ends assuming all co-pays and no-show fees are paid. We take the deposit to ensure that the parents and child show up to the group. If appointments are missed, we will apply the deposit to cover no-show fees.

CPT CODE                                 ENCOUNTER TYPE                                              FEE
90853 + 90785                             Group Therapy w/ Interactive Complexity             $75
90853                                           Group Therapy (Parents)                                           $50

Out-of-Network/Out-of-Pocket Rate for the 10-Week Group: $1,300

Please e-mail us with any questions - we look forward to seeing you in group!