Shequita Jones, MSW, LCSW

Master’s Degree:
Grambling State University
Bachelor's Degree:
Grambling State University

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist



Hello! I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and I have been working with adolescents and families for over  12 years. I was born and raised in Shreveport, Louisiana, and have lived in the Bay Area for over 10 years. I am so excited to join the BACA team, and to continue to provide quality therapeutic support to teens and families in Oakland.

As a teen growing up in a rural/urban community, I have witnessed the negative impacts of life’s hurdles and road blocks. However, I have witnessed the power and resilience of individuals when they are equipped with effective tools, supportive networks, and accessible resources. There is nothing I’d rather be doing than practicing as a clinical social worker. I love and recognize the power of the therapeutic relationship. I’ve seen and experience how therapy influence, change, and help people live to their full potential. This is an incredible and humbling feeling! My approach to therapy is holistic, directive, relational, and authentic.I like to partner and walk with my teens and families, as to help them recognize core aspects that are hindering them in order to help them make changes they want. I bring a broad range clinical experiences that range from loss and grief due to physical disability to working with marginalized communities experiencing street violence and complex trauma in a school setting.

My work is grounded in cognitive behavioral, strength based, and relational approaches. I not only utilize my clinical experiences, but I also bring my life experience as a vision-impaired clinician, adjusting to loss through the power of acceptance and change. I utilize CBT and mindfulness strategies in my clinical and personal practice. I am passionate about helping clients heal from the shame, guilt, blame, and despair that is often at the root of depression and anxiety.

I am so excited to continue to work with people from all backgrounds and celebrate the unique and interesting aspects that make-up the human experience. I am determined and committed to provide therapy to adolescents and families that are ready to receive it.