Hi! I'm so excited to move back to the Bay Area and join BACA's excellent clinical team. I am a board certified child and adolescent psychiatrist dedicated to providing individualized and integrative care in West Oakland. I strongly believe that mental wellness is one of our most important resources and that getting help with this shouldn't be a hassle. My practice focuses on using a blend of techniques including self-exploration, skill-building, conflict management, lifestyle changes, and, when indicated, medications.

Originally from Austin, I made it out to the West Coast as soon as I could. At an undergrad at Stanford University, I worked towards my B.S. in Biological Sciences with a minor in Psychology and was drawn into campus health education initiatives and peer counseling. I went back to Texas for medical school, studying at Baylor College of Medicine and participating in the mental health track. It was there that I experienced how powerful and rewarding the field of psychiatry can be, as well as how under-served the mental health field is in this country. 

I came back west for my adult residency at UCSF and fell in love with this area. Between those three years and my years as a child fellow and chief resident at NYU, I learned the practice of psychopharmacology as well as a variety of modalities of therapy: cognitive behavioral, interpersonal, psychodynamic, dialectical behavioral, parent management, and family and couples' therapy. I came to the conclusion that most people will need different approaches at different points in their treatment, and so creativity, flexibility, and warmth are the key ingredients to success. 

While at NYU, I also had the privilege of formulating and teaching an original course for undergraduates on Eating Disorders, and I was an Associate Clinical Professor both at NYU and SUNY-Downstate during my time in New York after graduation. Although I loved teaching and supervising residents, fellows, medical students, and psychologists (and hope to become involved with this again soon), I missed the Bay and found a wonderful opportunity in BACA to return. Although I love the variability and wide range of issues that I encounter in my work, I do have specific interests in body image concerns, disordered eating, anxiety, depression, and adjustment issues around life transitions.