I was born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. Before I decided to become a doctor, I pursued my interest in cancer research by studying Chemical Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  As I always felt like I was a California girl, I took the opportunity to spend my Freshman year summer in California by participating in the UC David Edmonson Research Fellowship. While I did prostate cancer benchside research throughout the summer, my mind was preoccupied with the thoughts of my father undergoing prostate cancer surgery at the same time.  That was when I realized I wanted to help people through clinical medicine rather than purely through research. Missing the Maize and Blue of the Michigan Wolverines, I decided to return home to attend the University of Michigan Medical School. Throughout medical school, I was most struck by my patients’ stories and also knew that I felt most comfortable and enjoyed the most working with children and families. I decided I had not had enough of a city life experience quite yet so headed slightly West and completed my adult psychiatry residency training at Northwestern University in Chicago.  Still looking for my California dream, I jumped at the opportunity to complete my child and adolescent psychiatry fellowship at Stanford University. I graduated from Stanford Child and Adolescent Psychiatry fellowship in 2015 and began working there (after my first trip to Australia) as part of their DBT program and School Consultation Program . I also helped develop their Crisis Consultation Clinic and am now the outpatient site director for first year Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellows. I spent a year elective working at BACA during fellowship as part of the outpatient clinic and IOP team and am excited to return to BACA part time to work in the IOP program. I enjoy leading groups and find that peers often are each other’s best teachers and supporters.

In terms of my professional interests, I am very interested in consultation work with schools as children spend so much of their life in this environment. I also am also very interested and have been trained in various forms on individual therapy, such as CBT and DBT. I also have great interest in family and group therapy. In terms of my personal interests, I like to spend my spare time dancing, reading, traveling, or anxiously watching Michigan football games.