Megan Norr

Doctorate Degree:
In Process at University of California Berkeley
Bachelor's Degree:
Case Western Reserve University   


I am a 5th year Clinical Psychology PhD student at UC Berkeley, and I am super excited about the opportunity to serve the broader east bay community by joining the team at BACA (in Oakland). As a PhD student, I wear many hats: I do research on the brain and how neural development influences mental health; I receive training in and practice a variety of empirically-supported mental health treatments, including CBT, DBT, mindfulness-based therapies, exposure, and ERP; and finally, I teach undergraduates at Berkeley about developmental psychology and neuroscience. My approach to therapy recognizes that people are complex! Our brains, experiences, families, environments, habits, and personal preferences all contribute to our psychological well-being, and what works for one person may be different for someone else. In my work I seek to integrate what we know from research with the unique experiences and needs of teens and their families to develop creative, collaborative solutions. 

Prior to starting my PhD at UC Berkeley, I received my BA in Cognitive Science, English, and French from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH. Throughout college, I worked with kids and teens in various capacities: I was an in-home caregiver for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), I tutored elementary school students, and I led after school science programs for 7th and 8th graders. After college, I worked for several years in a research lab at Georgetown University (Washington, DC), studying the brain basis of attention and social skills in children with ASD and ADHD. I have always been drawn to working with kids and teens, because of the great potential for learning and change during the school years.

Originally from Minnesota, I love the outdoors and can't get enough of the nice weather we enjoy here in the bay area. In my free time, I like to hike, run, play ultimate frisbee, and travel.