Hi! I am very excited to join an amazing team here at the Bay Area Children’s Association.  I am originally from Buffalo, NY and attended Penn State University for my undergraduate education.  It was at Penn State University where I solidified my interest in medicine. I proceeded to attend Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia where I learned about the many fascinating things about medicine but also about the deficiencies of our current medical model - most notably the lack of a holistic reasoning and a careful, nuanced consideration of the problems we face as a people. I noticed doctors spending more time in front of a computer instead of face-to-face with their patients. I became more interested in the intersections between the emotional, psychosocial and interpersonal spheres of how we as understand each other.  Without discovering the causes of physical and psychological manifestations of disease, we risk running in a cycle of symptomatic relief and relapsing illness. It was this focus that guided me toward psychiatry. I was also fortunate to spend a year away from medical school and volunteer at a hospital in Cochin, India where I experienced how mental health care is practiced in a developing country. These experiences helped heighten my awareness of the importance of cultural influence as well as stigmas toward mental health care.

I completed my general psychiatry residency at the University of Miami. During my training, I gained experience in not only treating the patient, but also emphasizing the importance of the family unit.  Treatment works best when everyone is on the same page! I was able to approach my patients not only from a medical standpoint, but from an interpersonal and psychosocial point of view. With this interest in mind, I completed my Child and Adolescent Psychiatry training at the Mount Sinai St. Luke’s Hospital in New York City, where I served as Chief Fellow.  I was able to practice both evidence-based psychopharmacology as well as become well-versed in dialectical behavioral therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic, interpersonal therapy, parent management and individual/family therapy.  I also headlined research projects investigating the effect of school-based intensive outpatient therapies on adolescents with and without substance use disorders.

I am very excited to join the staff here at BACA.  I believe in the importance of kindness and collaboration with families, teachers, therapists, and other medical providers.  I am glad to have found a workplace that believes in this as wholeheartedly as I do. 

In my free time, I like to watch my Buffalo Bills, play hockey, tennis, basketball, explore the many trails of the Bay and spend time with my family.