BACA is proud to offer Free Needs Assessments to anybody 26 years of age or younger looking for local psychiatric services. Anybody can schedule a Needs Assessment at one of our three locations; we can usually offer an assessment within 48-72 hours of initial contact.

A needs assessments is not a full psychiatric evaluation, but rather a comprehensive assessment used to determine the most appropriate level of care aimed at addressing each individual's needs. This may include, but not limited to outpatient clinic services or intensive outpatient programs. If we cannot offer the level of care needed for treatment, we may refer the individual to the community for treatment. 

To schedule a free needs assessment

  1. Complete an appointment request form online

  2. Once scheduled, the following is helpful in facilitating a needs assessment

    1. Copy of the front & back of the insurance card

      1. You are responsible for understanding your coverage but this information will be used to prepare

      2. While your insurance will not be billed for this appointment, including this information will allow us to prepare your benefit information so you have a better idea of your coverage if you are referred into the BACA outpatient or IOP

    2. Patient registration form (see below)

    3. Previous pertinent clinical records

    4. Custody paperwork (if applicable)

    5. Contact information of past or current providers (we may ask for you to sign a record release so we can communicate with these providers; see below).

  3. A typical Needs Assessment screening interview will last 45-60 minutes. After the interview, the Needs Assessment counselor will review the information with a psychiatrist to determine appropriate recommendations. The entire process may last 90-120 minutes. At the conclusion of the Needs Assessment, the patient/family will be provided referrals, either to BACA services or to community resources.

    1. When appropriate for a BACA IOP we will schedule an intake appointment with program staff. Please note that often times it is necessary to begin treatment as soon as possible, in particular if suicidal ideation/behaviors are present.

Please find the following information available for your review:

Free Needs Assessment Consent
Free Needs Assessment FAQ
Patient Registration
Record Release