Kayla Rossell, MA

Doctoral Degree:
In Progress at John F. Kennedy University
Master’s Degree:
John F. Kennedy University
Bachelor's Degree:
California State University East Bay

Menlo Park

I am currently in the Clinical Psychology Doctorate program at John F. Kennedy University and have earned a Master’s degree in Sport Psychology. Throughout the Master’s program, I completed an array of internships that gave me the opportunity to apply mental skills techniques with ethnically diverse athletes and at risk youth in a practical setting. Through my experience, I have observed behavioral challenges, difficulty in parent-child relationships, family discord, learning disabilities and acculturation issues among children. These experiences have served as my motivation and passion to further pursue clinical experiences with children, adolescents and families.

My personal experiences coupled with the fact that I am a multi-racial female clinician in training, allow me to provide an enhanced level of empathy for a wide-range of culturally diverse clients. This is because I can truly relate to the various societal barriers, racial profiling and/or micro-aggression that they may unfortunately encounter in their day-to-day lives. The sport psychology and doctoral program heavily intertwine multicultural components in the curriculum in an effort to train students in multicultural competency. Therefore, it is embedded within me to apply the ADDRESSING model (Hays, 2011)  and empathetically carry a multicultural lens throughout my therapeutic work with clients.

At my previous clinical practicum, I facilitated a diversity group and art therapy group with previously incarcerated clients who had intellectual disabilities. This practicum was a unique experience for me as I learned to become creative on ways to communicate with clients who were unable to read or write. The ability to learn, adapt and creatively communicate has been beneficial in interacting with children and families who have various levels of trust and communication.

All in all, my previous experiences and internships have allotted me a great amount of understanding on how to effectively work with children and families. I am fascinated with helping individuals build their self-awareness around their present behavior, relationships, and previous life experiences. At BACA, I look forward to playing an integral part in therapeutically guiding children and families through life experiences.