Our mission is to revolutionize treatment of mental illness in youth.


One in four children and one in three adults will experience mental illness in their lifetime.  Mental illness affects everyone.  Treatment for mental illness has been marginalized, stigmatized, and sub-standard for decades. The time to fix this broken system is now. Our multi-disciplinary treatment team includes well-trained psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and marriage and family therapists who bring their specialized training into an integrated system of care. Our physicians like being in an environment where they get to deliver psychotherapy services and not just write prescriptions all day. Our therapists enjoy being in a collaborative, integrated setting. BACA takes pride in training future mental health professionals and functions as an academic setting where research is encouraged. Most of all, BACA is meant to be a fun, friendly, caring clinic where everyone is on a first name basis. 

BACA will be partnering with PrairieCare and SafeSpace. Click here to learn more!



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